The Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre houses a collection of photographs, artefacts and genealogical records related to the social and industrial life of the Slate Islands of Argyll, especially the people engaged in the former slate industry. These records cover the period 18-20th century. Individual visitors, parties and school groups are welcome to visit the Centre.

Displays include:

  • Living in the 19th century
  • Quarry workings
  • Public Health
  • Flora & Fauna
  • Genealogical records
  • Geological information

The centre is opened to the public daily 1030 to 16.30hrs from April to October. During the winter months the centre hours may vary depending on demand.

The centre also houses our Archives including original papers, documents and artefacts. It also contains various census returns and Rent Rolls which are used to assist enquirer’s with Geneological   Research.

As well as displaying exhibits relevant to the local slate industry the heritage centre offers an interesting selection of reasonably priced gifts and souvenirs to take away. From Jean Adams’ world famous stone cats to photographs and paintings of the area there is a good range of local items, some of which are shown below.